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Luerzer's Archive's 200 Best Digital Artist Worldwide 2015/2016

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Retouching. CGI. Photography.

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Chris Titze Imaging provides the following services:

Jawdropping 3D/CGI

Create a 3D image from scratch for absolute control of the final image. Ideal for the art director who loves options.

Years of experience in Lighting and Shaders based on the real world ensures a photorealistic result. Even if the final concept is anything but realistic.

Amazing Creative Retouching

Fix image in post, even those you think are impossible to fix. Years of training prepared Chris Titze Imaging to handle the seemingly impossible retouching challenges that would normally ruin a shoot.

Latest top of the line equipment handles large megapixel composites (100+ MPX) with ease. Also, a large collection of third party software ensures that Chris Titze Imaging workflow matches your workflow.

Stunning Photography

Combine 3D elements into photography to make stunning images.

Chris Titze Imaging is able to accurately match the lighting and perspective based on only one photography. This ensures to keep everything photorealistic. This might not only saves time and money but does something that photography can’t do easily. Like simulating a car crash for example…

6+ Years of Chris Titze Imaging

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Chris Titze Imaging has been entrusted to work with some of the best ad agencies in the US.
Here’s just a few of them:

  • “Chris is true digital effects artist. He not only offers strong retouching skills and digital rendering abilities, but he is also a talented photographer. This creative mix of talents allow Chris to bring a total package to the table when working on large projects. Chris is dedicated, organized and thorough in his work. His creative eye, precision and attention to detail contributed to many successful projects we worked on together.”

    David Niblick Sr Integrated Producer
  • “Chris was one of my favorite people at CP+B. No matter how big the challenge, he always has an upbeat, can-do attitude. Chris approaches each project with technical expertise, a great eye, and the desire to learn new things. He’s easy to work with, highly skilled, and a nice guy.”

    Justin Kent Sr Interactive Developer
  • “Chris is an amazingly talented and hardworking artist. His ability over the years allowed him to broaden his scope from retouching to include photography 3D and more. He’s very knowledgeable and responsible and a great resource for any team. Best of all, Chris always finds solutions and makes himself available when you’re in a jam. Also, he is very dependable and communicates well.”

    Rachel Miller Sr Production Manager