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Into the Future

Mixing babies and technology

Now this shot was an interesting one to pull off. How do I get my baby daughter to wear Google Glass, let alone get access to one? Well to achieve exactly that I turned to one of my favorite tools in my arsenal; Modo 701. The Google Glass was quickly modeled on a pre-made 3D head. The 3D head served not only for reference but also was the base to get realistic shadows. The studio set up was fairly straightforward: 2 rectangular soft boxes and one umbrella for fill. The most difficult part was to keep the attention of my daughter. After 15 minutes of playing peekaboo while shooting, she had enough. This gave me just enough time to get around a hundred photographs. Afterwards I went to Adobe Lightroom and I selected the best fitting image. I matched the position and angle of the Google Glasses to match the photograph. Thankfully Scifi backgrounds are very easy to create and after half an hour, I had the background ready for the final composition. Retouching took only a few hours in Adobe Photoshop and I ended up with a cool Scifi image of my daughter wearing Google Glasses.

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